Tahamina Hossain:Junior Accountant, Square Pharmaceuticals

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Where did you start your ACCA studies? 

I started my studies with ACCA at the Foundations level because I thought it would help me feel more prepared, confident and skilled to complete my journey towards the ACCA Qualification.

What study method did you choose?

I decided to self-study for my exams. You have to be really focused if you decide on this option, but I knew I was serious about my qualification and so I always made time to study every day, even if it was only a short amount of time. It wasn’t easy, and I faced many challenges along the way, but I was determined to complete my exams. It is equally important to find time away from study too, so I like to spend my spare time reading and following the news.

Do you have any advice for potential ACCA students? 

To every student who is thinking of starting their career with ACCA, I recommend starting at the Foundations level. This will help prepare you for the ACCA Qualification and ensure that you are ready for the higher level exams. Achieving awards along the way will help boost your confidence too.

What is your current role, and where do you see yourself in the future?

I am currently working for Square Pharmaceuticals as a junior accountant but, once I am qualified, I would eventually like to work for a multinational company or be a successful executive or chief executive (CEO) in a bank. My dream accountancy role is to be the President of the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – a dream that’s possible with the ACCA Qualification.

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