Shivraj Persaud:Senior Accounts Clerk, Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc.

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Where did you start your ACCA studies?

I chose to study for the Foundations level awards because they are highly recognised in Guyana and studying with ACCA is definitely an excellent choice.

Studying for any of ACCA's qualifications isn't easy but it's worth it. It's important to achieve a good balance between studying and working. After sitting exams my friends and I like to take time from study and work and go camping, fishing hunting and swimming. This allows us to relax and recharge so we are motivated and can concentrate on doing well in our next exams.

What study method did you choose?

Making sure you get tuition from a good tuition provider is important, as they are there to help you get through the exams. I study with Accountancy Training Centre and always make sure I work through past exam papers that relate to the next exams I will be sitting.

Do you have any advice for potential ACCA students?

For anyone thinking of studying with ACCA I would recommend starting with the Foundations level, especially if you don't have the necessary qualifications to start on the ACCA qualification. It's good preparation, as the papers and syllabus will provide you with the background knowledge you need to advance in the ACCA Qualification, which is very beneficial. My advice to anyone thinking of starting their studies with the  Foundations level would be just start - you won't regret it.

What is your current role, and where do you see yourself in the future?

I am currently employed with Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. as designation - senior accounts clerk, but my aim for the future is to become an ACCA member, complete my Masters degree and have a comfortable and respectable lifestyle. My dream job is to be the CEO of a recognised company - then I will know I really have achieved all my goals.

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