Juraj Drahovský FCCA:CFO, RWE Energija

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The 600km six-hour commute is perhaps a touch too long but Juraj Drahovský FCCA 
can imagine few better roles than his own as CFO of Croatian startup RWE Energija

Juraj Drahovský FCCA is only 36 yet he already has his ideal job. ‘What I’m doing now really is a dream job for me,’ he says. Originally from Košice in Slovakia, he is helping energy group RWE become a leading player in the Croatian market and is relishing the challenge.

His role at RWE Energija builds on both his roles at VSE. ‘RWE Energija is currently a small company, so the role of the CFO is very diverse,’ he explains. ‘Here I am as much head of customer services as head of finance. My main objectives are to ensure that we have sufficient finance for our growth, that we spend only on value-added activities, and that our customer processes are running smoothly and to the customers’ satisfaction. And since we are a startup, many of my tasks are operational, like following our cash position, approving payments and checking our collection process, as well as ensuring that we run a successful sales team and build a profitable customer portfolio.’

He also implements local administrative procedures related to energy, he says. And he runs the IT.

Seven staff, mostly in customer services roles, report to him direct; indirectly, he manages a further 20, including two finance professionals responsible for controlling, reporting and risk management.

Despite the tremendous breadth of his role, he appears utterly undaunted by it, explaining that he is happy doing something ‘that really grabs me’. And that is why his current position is the perfect job for him now, he says. ‘We are stepping into a market; we are developing the company and its operations; we know what we want to achieve; and I’m using all of the things that I’ve learnt in the past.’

He says his ACCA Qualification, achieved in 2007, has helped him throughout his career. ‘ACCA is a really practical qualification. It has taught me how to make the everyday finance decisions quickly and effectively, so I could focus on other aspects of my job.’

It proved especially useful when he took up his first finance position at VSE. ‘At that time, I was 25, and suddenly I was responsible for a team of 40 people,’ he recalls. ‘I will never forget when I first met the team, as there was one guy and 39 ladies, all 45 years or older – my mother’s age! But with my ACCA Qualification and the good experience I had at Deloitte, I didn’t have to worry very much about the technicals, so I could pay attention to managing, leading and organising my team.’

This is an extract from an article originally published in Accounting and Business Magazine in May 2014. Read the full article

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