Ding Wei Law:ACCA student

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Where did you start your ACCA studies?

I decided to start studying with the Diploma in Accounting and Business at the Foundation level as it was the fastest route for me to get on to the ACCA Qualification and I felt confident that I could cope with the exams at this level. I found the Foundation level exams to be excellent preparation for tacking the ACCA Qualification exams.  

What study method did you choose?

If you decide to study for any of the ACCA exams you have to be determined focused and willing to put in the effort. I spent a lot of time studying on my own as well as using a local tuition provider. If I found that I was struggling or had trouble understanding what I was learning, I always made sure I went back and spoke to my lecturers, as that's what they are there for, or I used the website to search for my answers.

Do you have any advice for potential ACCA students?

My advice to anyone thinking about studying at the Foundations level would be don't think just do it, as it's the best route to getting on to the ACCA Qualification.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time? 

In five years' time I see myself having passed all my exams and experience and becoming an ACCA member. I would love to work in a local or overseas firm, which I can do once I have the ACCA letters after my name.   

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