Role: Trainee business analyst

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Drive positive change within an organisation while studying for your ACCA Qualification

What is a trainee business analyst?

As a trainee, you will play a key role supporting senior business analysts as they optimise the effectiveness of an organisation through change. You will be helping to identify areas in which change will add value, and assessing its potential impacts. You will also contribute to project strategies, and their successful implementation and measurement.

Whether involved in one change project or a number of projects, your day to day responsibilities could include attending meetings, ensuring you have the data required to provide analysis, and agreeing the best way to present findings.

How do I achieve it?

A good understanding of finance is needed to analyse the impact of organisational change. This can be gained through the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams of the ACCA Qualification, after which you can progress to Strategic Professional to achieve your ACCA membership.

Furthermore, this role is particularly good for developing IT skills. Analysing change will teach you how to combine finance and technology, and how it contributes to the success of organisations.

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