Role: Trainee / Junior accountant

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Help a finance team to operate smoothly, while building essential accountancy experience

What is a trainee accountant?

Trainee accountant is an incredible first step in your career, where you will be learning the profession from a qualified accountant or someone with a great deal of experience in finance.

Your day to day responsibilities will depend on the size and type of organisation, but generally you will be using your technical skills to prepare financial information such as accounts, reconciliations and cash flows that help the decision-making of senior staff.

You could be presenting information at client and colleague meetings, and may also have the opportunity to work in other parts of the organisation so you can see how different core functions operate.

How do I achieve it?

This is an exciting role for any aspiring finance professional. You can expect to learn a range of new skills, including how to work effectively in teams and how to use a variety of software packages. You will also improve your communication skills, develop your analytical abilities and grow your business knowledge. This puts you in a very strong position to progress towards ACCA membership.

The initial knowledge and skills required for this position are available through the ACCA Foundations level qualifications. Once complete, you can progress to our Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams of the ACCA Qualification as you work towards achieving ACCA membership.

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