Role: Payroll

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Be a pivotal link between an organisation and its employees 

What is the payroll team?

The payroll team processes the monthly or weekly payroll for salaried employees. As a team member, you will be responsible for creating, maintaining and updating all payroll data, which can include overtime, commissions, expenses, statutory sickness, maternity and other employee benefits. You could also be helping employees with their payroll queries and liaising with tax authorities.

How do I achieve it?

You can enter a payroll team through an organisation’s accounts or human resources department. Alternatively, you could consider joining a specialist shared service payroll team. Whatever your entry point, there are excellent prospects for progression up to supervisory and management positions. You may even have the opportunity to move into other areas of finance and human resources.

The knowledge and skills required for this career are available through the ACCA Foundations level qualifications. Those interested in management will also benefit from the ACCA Qualification.

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