Role: Finance trainee

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Work in a range of roles on your journey towards professional qualification

What is a finance trainee?

Most finance trainees get the opportunity to work in several roles or functions within an organisation’s finance department or across the organisation itself. This helps you to gain valuable experience, receiving ‘on-the-job’ training while being supervised by qualified accountants and managers.

Naturally, your day to day responsibilities will vary depending on the function you are in and the stage you have reached in your studies. For example, if working in a treasury team you could be handling the investment of funds to make sure the company can meet their financial goals. In credit management you could be monitoring the amount of credit a company issues and ensuring revenue is collected on time.

How do I achieve it?

Trainee positions are an important stepping-stone in your accountancy and finance career, and the experience you gain will help towards professional qualification. You will develop your ability to analyse and present data, make decisions, and manage your time effectively – both as part of a team and on your own.

The initial knowledge and skills required for this career are available through the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams of the ACCA Qualification, after which you can progress to Strategic Professional to achieve your ACCA membership.

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