Role: Cashier

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Benefit from one of the most versatile accountancy roles


What is a cashier?

Cashiers work in a range of areas and sectors, and undertake essential day to day transaction services such as:

  • Entering purchases into the cash register
  • Accepting cash, cheque and card payments
  • Checking account balances
  • Giving refunds to customers
  • Calculating discounts 
  • Transferring funds
The cashier role intersects with many other aspects of finance, such as physical security arrangements for holding and moving cash, compliance with money laundering regulations, and reporting suspicious transactions. You may also be responsible for balancing cash and petty cash, and maintaining sufficient amounts of money to meet business commitments.

How do I achieve it?

Petty cashier is the usual entry point, where you will be responsible for money management and the accurate recording and processing of routine transaction data. There are excellent opportunities to progress to senior positions such as cashier and senior cashier, and you could even work your way up to the role of treasurer.

The knowledge and skills required for a cashier role are available through our Foundations level qualifications.

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