Role: Business analyst

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Use your financial expertise to drive positive change within an organisation


What is a business analyst?

Most organisations benefit from change in order to remain as efficient and competitive as possible. Business analysts play a critical role in this process by identifying areas in which change will add value, and assessing its potential impacts. They also help to plan effective change strategies, and contribute to their successful implementation and measurement.

Business analysts are available in the corporate and public sectors, financial services and shared service organisations

How do I achieve it?

Most aspects of an organisation have a financial relevance, so a good understanding of finance is essential. Good communication and people skills enable you to work closely with employees to understand the business and their role within it, in addition to communicating change in a motivational manner.

Graduates and school leavers may be able to enter at junior or supervised roles, or after gaining relevant experience within project management. The following ACCA Strategic Professional Options exams are also extremely relevant to those considering business analysis as a career:

  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  • Advanced Performance Management (APM)

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