Role: Business adviser

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Work closely with clients in your specialised area of expertise


What is a business adviser?

Business advisers provide consultancy services in their chosen specialised area of expertise. For example, this could be business management, operational and financial effectiveness, risk, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, business development and banking matters.

Most business advisers will work with a range of client organisations during their career, helping them to meet their business objectives. Although this is essential across all sectors, most business advisers tend to work in public practice for corporate sector clients.

How do I achieve it?

Employers tend to recruit graduates, although individuals with MBAs are particularly sought after. Candidates looking to work in public practice could enter as an associate or trainee, and work their way up to senior management or partner level.

Those interested in a business adviser career will benefit from taking the ACCA Strategic Professional Options exam Advanced Performance Management (APM).

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