Role: Accounts payable

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Manage an organisation’s outgoing transactions, and forge strong relationships with suppliers 


What is the accounts payable team?

Accounts payable is the recording and processing of financial transactions relating to procurement and suppliers. The opportunities are varied, with a wide range of roles available:

  • Data entry analyst: Update the system as invoices are received.
  • Payments processing analyst: Perform the daily payment of invoices.
  • Exceptions analyst: Address disputes and payment failure issues.
  • Vendor maintenance analyst: Maintain an accurate supplier database.
  • Accounts payable manager: Coordinate the team to ensure invoices are processed accurately and efficiently.

Whatever your role, accounts payable puts you in the driving seat when it comes to creating and maintaining strong supplier relationships.

Equally, you may be interested in the accounts receivable team, which handles the incoming transactions from customers.

How do I achieve it?

The entry point is usually at analyst level, with excellent opportunities to move between the various roles to gain greater experience. Those with a flair for leadership can also progress upwards to supervisory and management positions.

The knowledge and skills required for this career are available through the our Foundations level qualifications. Those interested in management will also benefit from progressing to the ACCA Qualification.

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