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We have more paths to success than anyone else. Start at the right level for you, and begin your ACCA journey today.

Strategic Professional

Strategic Professional is the final stage of the ACCA Qualification. If you have relevant education such as a university degree from an ACCA-accredited university, you could start here.

Learn more about our Strategic Professional exams

Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills

Our Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams together form the ACCA Qualification. If you don’t have the relevant education to jump straight in with our Strategic Professional exams then you can start at Applied Knowledge. However, you’ll need to have some relevant secondary education.

Learn more about our Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams


Don’t have the qualifications to start the ACCA Qualification? No problem. Our Foundations exams will give you all the grounding you need.

Learn more about getting started with our Foundations exams 

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