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Our flexible exam options are designed to fit around your work and lifestyle commitments  

Four exam sessions

We offer four exam sessions a year, providing you with greater flexibility to schedule your exams at a time and pace that suits you. Our exams are held in March, June, September and December.

Our exam centres

Exams are an essential component of our qualifications, and take place at 400 exam centres in more than 170 countries. 

We know how important exams are, and always try to meet your special requirements. For some students, such as those in very remote areas, it may even be possible to arrange an alternative exam centre. To make a special request, simply email us. However, please be aware that additional fees may apply for special arrangements.

Computer-based exams

All of ACCA’s Foundation exams and the first four exams at Fundamentals level are currently available as computer-based exams (CBE). These provide many benefits such as:

  • Added flexibility in being able to take exams at any time of year.
  • No restrictions on the number of times you can retake exams.
  • Instant results at the end of the exam, which are formally transferred to your ACCA account within 72 hours.

ACCA's computer-based exams must be taken at one of our licensed CBE centres. These are partner organisations, so contact them directly when it comes to arranging your exam. Fees will be paid directly to the exam centre. Browse the CBE centre list to find a centre near you.

As part of our commitment to making ACCA as flexible as possible, we are in the process of extending our computer-based exams to cover more papers. Be aware that more advanced exams may take a different format.

Exam preparation

We offer a wealth of resources to help you prepare for exams. These can be accessed online or through your nearest ACCA office. They include:

  • Syllabus and study guides to identify what you need to know for each exam.
  • Articles and interviews with our examiners.
  • Specimen exams, past papers and practice tests.
  • Videos to help you with exam technique.
  • Reports and analyses that provide in-depth insight into previous exams.

Want to learn more?

Send us an email or chat to one of our representatives right now. 

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