Planning your journey:Supporting you every step of the way

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What will your journey towards qualification be? To help you decide, we provide many options to suit your requirements and lifestyle.

We’ve worked hard to make our qualifications as straightforward and flexible as possible. We’re also expanding the number of ways you can study and take exams. Use this section to plan your journey towards qualification. 


A wide range of courses are available through universities, colleges and other learning providers. If you choose this route, we recommend using one of our Approved Learning Partners to ensure you get the right level of tuition and support in a suitable learning environment.

Read about the benefits of using an Approved Learning Partner


You also have a range of self-study options. To ensure the quality of study materials, we recommend you use resources from our Approved Content Providers.

Find out more about self-study

Taking exams

We’re working hard to make exams easily accessible wherever you are, such as increasing the number of computer-based exams you can take.

Learn about your exam options

Keep up to date with changes to the ACCA Qualification

We are making some exciting changes to the ACCA Qualification which will be first examined in September 2018.

Find out about the changes and the many benefits

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