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The many ways to study ACCA

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Your career, your ACCA

Whether you’re a school leaver who wants to study full time, someone seeking a career change who wants the flexibility of e-learning, a graduate trainee incorporating study with on the job experience, or studying a university course that incorporates elements of ACCA in its syllabus, achieving ACCA is always an option.

Study options

  • Full-time courses
  • Part-time day or evening
  • Online
  • Weekend courses
  • Revision courses

A way that suits you

People who work and do ACCA will often become members quickly, as while they’re studying they’re also acquiring the three years’ work experience (PER) required to become an ACCA member. Or if you’d prefer to study full-time, there’s nothing stopping you, whether you go to a class or study online. 

Often combining work and study can be the most efficient and rewarding way to become qualified; however, it’s worth remembering there’s no quick fix or standard route to becoming an accountant. Whatever your situation it requires time, effort and application, but in the end it will all be worth it. Accountancy and finance is a rewarding career path with many opportunities worldwide.

Degree and MBA

You also have the opportunity to study for a BSc in Applied Accounting or an MBA awarded through the prestigious Oxford Brookes University. The ACCA and Oxford Brookes are celebrating the 15th year of their partnership in 2015, during which some 24,500 people have graduated from many countries including the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, China, Jamaica, Barbados, Dubai, and Vietnam. 

Approved Learning Partner

ACCA strongly recommends studying with one of our Approved Learning Partners (ALPs). ALPs are schools identified for quality – we assess their tutors; their teaching is face-to-face; and you get to study with like-minded people. Attending an ALP provides structured learning that is proven to improve chances of passing our exams. You learn in a professional environment and can benefit from people with industry knowledge and market insight.

Study materials

And just as we assess our ALPs for their teaching standards, it’s also important we treat the learning materials they use in the same way. It’s vital that the books and resources you use to help you study are the most up-to-date. We don’t award an ALP with Platinum or Gold status until we’re satisfied with the quality of the materials they’re using and recommending.

Real stories from ACCA students

Samuel Leach - ACCA student at BPP and audit executive at EY

“The study support is very important. Choose a company that is willing to provide as much support as possible. EY is very good at covering all exam and study expenses including travel, as well as allowing time off for all necessary phases of the learning process. Their policy also permits an additional day for each exam as well as the day of the exam. EY facilitates whatever modules I want to take as options and provide the opportunity to sit three exams if I meet certain internal criteria, thus allowing me to qualify sooner.”

Khadeejah Fatima – ACCA student

"My tuition provider has helped me to understand all the topics covered in each paper and in familiarising me with the exam patterns. They have also helped me in practicing problems and guided me throughout."

Haifah Padinjharethil – ACCA student

"My exam preparation was mainly by self-study, although I have taken classes before. I found that studying at home was easier and more effective with my newborn daughter. I managed to find a very determined study buddy. We got together at my house in the evenings and weekends."

Rina Marie Ilarde – ACCA student

"I self study because I don’t have time to attend classes. I purchase study materials from BPP Learning Media. I set targets, every exam session I should sit two papers."

Rotimi Diyaolu FCCA CPA, controller of the Bellevue Hospital Center, New York

"I needed the OBU degree in accounting to provide a baseline to my career, as my first degree was not in finance... I needed to carefully craft my career properly from the get-go, as I knew I was going to finally relocate to the US after completing my studies in Europe. As it turned out, taking the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) exams would not have been possible without the OBU degree."

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