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The five most popular planning tools to help you get organised

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It's the beginning of a new year, so you'll probably have a bunch of resolutions and goals fresh in mind for 2017. New year's resolutions may be a tradition, but giving up on some of them is too. This doesn't need to be the case.

There are so many planning tools and apps available nowadays - ones you can integrate across your devices, sync with one another and with other software. You can personalise your goals and missions and get these tools to help keep you on track.

Here are five of the most interesting apps.


Integrations: Google, Office 365, iCloud, Zapier, Slack and more

A quick survey on LinkedIn found that people really like this scheduling app. Calendly is a tool that helps manage your calendar appointments by integrating with Google, Office 365 and iCloud, among other things, to check for scheduling conflicts and provide an elegant, simple-to-use one-stop shop for scheduling appointments and keeping track of your calendar.

You can personalise your meeting invitations and acceptances, organise team or group events, and set reminders for invitees - and all this across all your devices and pulling together your different calendars into one place. When striving to achieve goals and resolutions, feeling in control of your time and having a clear view of it is essential.


Integrations: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows

Evernote is a secure way to create lists and notes stored in the cloud and accessible across all your devices. Here's where you can keep all of your brainstorming, research and inspiration around your goals. You can create files of lists and notes for different aspects of your life, and invite people to view and work in them with you. You can also save web clippings or web pages into Evernote, which can help you build up workbooks with projects ideas and inspiration found when browsing the internet.


Integrations: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire

It can actually be easier spending more time writing to-do lists than ticking off the jobs on them. But with apps such as Wunderlist, you can write lists that save to the cloud and will update across all your devices. You can also make specific groups and invite other people to help work on a list - perfect for study or project groups. You can also set reminders and due dates, make notes and use hashtags. It also looks really nice, clean and user friendly.

RescueTime or focus booster

Integrations: Mac, PC, Android, Linux

With more and more of our lives spent online on our computers, it's easy to lose focus of the task in hand and become distracted, usually by social media or a favourite website. What if you could measure your daily digital and online habits, so you could understand your rhythms and patterns? Rescue Time and focus booster are analytical software/apps that measure your online and computer-based activity. It can tell you how long you spend emailing, surfing websites (and what types) or on social networks. You can use them to block distracting websites, set times for activities and log accomplishments throughout the day.


Integrations: web browsers, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Twitter, Flipboard and many more

We all know the internet is a revolutionary innovation. The vast amount of knowledge at our fingertips is astounding - and overwhelming. It's the sight of frequent distraction. Pocket allows you to save webpages, videos, articles in one place - like a web 'pocket' - that you can put your hand in and view later when you have time, instead of feeling like you need to consume everything you come across immediately, just in case you forget about it later, which we all know is easy to do.

This is extremely handy when you consider that when you're surfing the internet with goals, projects or deadlines in mind, it's not always easy to swiftly judge if something is actually relevant. Pocket allows you to store it, come back later and make a better judgment when you don't feel harassed.

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