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Jakhongir Zokirov - Positivity is the key to success

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Jakhongir Zokirov works for LAC consulting partners in Uzbekistan and chose to study the ACCA Qualification due to its global recognition and strong reputation. We interview Jakhongir about studying ACCA and on his ambitions for the future.

Jakhongir, please tell us something unique about yourself

I like to call myself an entrepreneur who is passionate about numbers and enjoys accounting! Speaking of accounting, I must mention that I am an Olympiad winner of the whole Republic of Uzbekistan. I also have exceptional written and spoken communications skills which helped me become the 'Expert of the Year 2015' at one of the companies I worked for.

My beautiful family is a great gift to me that makes this journey called 'Life' very joyful!

Outside of work, what are your passions?

Oh, I love playing chess and reading books to my daughter. Travelling is also one of my hobbies which is why I opened a small business that arranges leisure, educational, and business trips all around the world.

What unique difference will you offer a business?

I’d like to say that I don’t ever give up. I have experienced doing certain tasks and feeling like quitting multiple times, but I found different ways to motivate myself to finish the task and tried to remember why I started it in the first place. Having that mindset, I’ve finished everything I’ve ever started and all with different levels of success. Long story short - I don’t ever quit!

Tell us about the culture you look for in a business…

Positivity is the key to success. I typically use all my potential when the team is positive and friendly because a warm smile is the universal language of kindness. I also like a team that strives for growth. We must be always moving forward, there’s no other way!

Tell us about why you chose to study with ACCA

I had spoken with a few people that studied the ACCA Qualification and had heard only good things about ACCA. It feels so nice to see this to be true!

Another good reason, quite frankly, is the ACCA brand and how well-recognized the qualification is. It opens so many great opportunities, in my opinion.

Tell us about your ambitions for the future…

I had a lot of ambitions such as having my family settled, buying a house, and achieving financial security. I have achieved them all! Moving forward, my other ambitions for the future are to learn a new language (Arabic), travel the world, and give more to charity.

Tell us about the traits ACCA has helped you develop and how you’ve brought them into your company

Although I have a long way to go, my professionalism has been constantly growing for the last decade. I’ve really learned how to look at a situation and always think long term. More often than not, some short-term decisions might look more tempting, but if it hurts the company or an individual in the long run, it’s better to think of another decision. Also, what I’ve recently learned is to never take an ‘assumption’ as an answer - always inquire and learn the exact information.

If there’s one thing that makes ACCA training unique, tell us what it is


Something really unique and important that I noticed on day 1 was that the ACCA training is very comprehensive. I’ve experienced many training courses and most of them were focused on only accounting or other things, but ACCA covers all the areas an accountant may want to learn. Great job there!

Tell us about a moment of praise you received from a colleague or boss…

Oh, I have quite many examples here, (it’s not bragging if it’s true). One that I can never forget, not because someone praised me for it, but my action also made myself feel very good. I once found my colleague asking all the seniors for help with his request, but everyone was busy and he’d had to wait for some time. I also had the same amount of work as the other seniors, (if not more), but I saw how passionate he was about his request, and his request had amazing potential. I told him I’d help him, and I am glad that I did because at the end that specific deal ended up being the best sale of the month!

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