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Finance professionals: the best career advice I’ve ever had

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People in the finance and business world share their life changing career advice.

Mital Kotecha FCCA, senior financial analyst, Company Watch

When I was completing 'A' levels I think, someone once said to me: ‘You can either enjoy the next five years and struggle the rest of your life, or struggle (reference to degree/university/further studies) for the next five years and enjoy the rest of your life.’

Another favourite quote: ‘If you fail to prepare for life, prepare to fail.’

Eoin Mekie, financial management, oil & gas sector

For all those going into their first job, or first promotion, or first employer move, who might be wondering whether they have what it takes to take on the new role: ‘If your next job doesn't scare you, why would you take it?’ I can't remember who said that to me, but it was as I was going into my first real career job. Keep it in mind throughout your career and you'll never be bored.

Helen Ripley, BPP tutor and Leeds Beckett University lecturer

Don't be afraid to let your personality come through - I used to be quite meek.

Brigitte Crawford, senior products manager – global products, ACCA

It's easier to correct a bad business decision than it is to come back from making no decision at all.

Heather Venis, principal consultant, Awarding First

Learn from every opportunity, good or bad

Eneritz Corral, global operations manager, AAT

Market yourself (internally and externally) as if you are your own brand.

Julian Hall, director, Calm Execs

Never stop developing yourself.

Rosie Knight, tutor, assessor and safeguarding officer, Derby Skillbuild

Someone once said to me: ‘You will be a typist'. It made me come out fighting. I have now taught special education and behavioural students for over 15 years. Mind you I can touch type 75 words a minute, which was useful when I wrote my book - Your mother wore army boots.

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