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A day in the life with apps

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Your smart phone is working while you're sleeping. Your sleep monitor is analysing your sleep patterns and wants to wake you during a light sleep phase with a gentle alarm sound.

After turning off your alarm, you swipe to your coffee maker app and start the next phase of project 'pleasant waking experience'. Over a steaming cup of coffee, you check the calendar and tasks apps for the day ahead, helping to set and track goals and targets.

As yet, apps aren't able to physically dress you, but you can manage your style with ClosetSpace, which will help you choose an outfit based on what's in your wardrobe.

Similarly, showering and teeth brushing still require you to do all the hard work, but in the future, showers will be connected to the internet, and we'll be able to eco-consciously save water, order soap from shops and play digital radio.

On the way out the door, you check Citymapper for the quickest route to work and turn on your pedometer app to begin tracking how many steps you'll take today. On the bus or train, you check the news headlines on content curators Feedly or Flipboard, or watch some TV from a choice of over 85 channels on TVPlayer.

At your desk in the office, the first desktop computer app you use is Alfred, which helps to quickly navigate your applications, tools and files. Trello and Slack improve productivity by helping you monitor project progress and communicate with your teams, while reducing the amount of time-consuming emails.

Check your pedometer app - do you need to stretch your legs and get moving for five minutes? Good. Have a chat (in person, maybe!) with a colleague, then back to the computer and, using Buffer, you can check your social media threads in one place and send out any updates of your own - free marketing!

Down to Lunch lets you find friends and colleagues who are also ready for a lunch break, while Google Maps will help you decide on the best spot for a sandwich, burrito or a five-star meal near you and help you get there.

Spotify helps the food go down and get you motivated with a little music to set the mood for the afternoon's tasks (remember to tick these off on your tasks app and update your goals app).

Back in the office for a team meeting, but your team's based all over the world, so what do you do? GoToMeeting lets your team on-the-go connect wherever they are using phones, computers or tablets, and you can also share screen and view presentations. The meeting was a little more stressful than expected, so check your heart rate and take a few deep breaths.

Considering it's been a volatile time for people working in the finance profession, it's probably time to check Bloomberg for the latest market movements and regulatory news - plus it's nearly the end of the work day, so there's no point starting a new job.

You're out tonight, so it's time to set TiVo to record the game or movie, then check the pedometer app - do you walk to the gym or get an Uber?

At the gym, use Workout Trainer to select a workout and get sweaty! Back to the goals and tasks apps and check off your session. With an empty stomach and big appetite, it's off for some food with a friend at a restaurant you found on Urbanspoon, a user-generated restaurant review app. Do you go for the burger or the salad? Cross-reference the calorie counter app with your goals and go for the...burger - yay!

It's a cool evening, so before leaving the restaurant, you turn your heating on at home so the place will be warm when you get in. On the walk home, you listen to new music on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

At home, the fridge looks a little empty, so, using Fridge Pal, you scan barcodes, create a shopping list of favourites and find the best recipes and prices.

Warm cup of milk in hand, it's bedtime, which means a few pages of a book on Google Play Books before turning the sleep monitor back on, which tells you that if you go to sleep soon, you'll have enough time for your perfect sleep pattern.

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