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An interview with Sa'id Umar, ACCA student and entrepreneur

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Sa'id Umar
ACCA student and entrepreneur, Nigeria


My name is Sa’id Umar. I am a 23-year-old Nigerian from Sokoto state. I studied Accounting in the University of Manchester, which is where I got introduced to the ACCA Qualification.

I am currently working on building up a few companies that I have invested in and also working on achieving my ACCA Qualification.


ACCA has improved my knowledge and understanding of how the global financial system and business world operate.

The knowledge gained from the ACCA Qualification has been very important to me in managing my business and also managing my own personal finances. Not only does it focus on the financial and business side of things, it also encourages the adoption of ethical principles when carrying out ones duties which I believe is very important.

Sa'id's journey

I started my journey to achieve the ACCA Qualification at the University of Manchester where I was studying Accounting at the Manchester Business School. The accounting degree in the business school has a partnership with ACCA; therefore I was able to get quite a few exemptions from some ACCA papers based on my grades in a few subjects that I took in the business school.

After graduating from university and finishing my National Youth Service, I continued my exams in order to achieve the ACCA Qualification. I have currently passed 9 out of the 13 exams I will sit and aim to complete the remaining exams within the next 12 months.

Over the past few years, I have been working on managing a few businesses and the ACCA Qualification has always been relevant in helping me manage and solve issues that might come up from time to time.

It however isn’t an easy qualification to obtain as it comes with quite a lot of stress especially during the exam period. However, the benefits of obtaining the qualification are worth the hard work that needs to be done to obtain it. Like the quote says ‘Nothing worth having comes easily’.

I look forward to achieving my ACCA Qualification and all the opportunities that come with it.

Benefits of the ACCA Qualification

The ACCA Qualification has greatly assisted me in being able to monitor and manage my personal finances and that of other business engagements that I have. It has also improved my confidence in being able to effectively analyse information and make informed decisions based on the information I have. As a result of this, highly intellectual individuals always commend me on the quality of my work.

I also do believe that on achieving my full qualification as an ACCA member, I would have achieved a qualification that would provide me with access to much greater opportunities anywhere in the world.

Take your first step, applying is quick and easy.

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