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Not too young to achieve: The 22 year old ACCA Affiliate

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In 2009, Alexander graduated to Senior High School to study a 4-year business program. His aims and aspirations were set towards having a strong foundation to gain entry into university and come out as a leader in the field of Accounting. In his final year in Senior High School, his accounting teacher introduced him the ACCA qualification and the opportunities it presented. “When you write ACCA, you will become hotcake”, was one of his teacher’s favourite quotes. Alexander therefore had a strong desire to become ACCA qualified by the time he completes his University’s degree program.

Alexander entered the University of Cape Coast in 2013 to read a 4-year program in Bachelor of Commerce. He formed a group that met regularly to share ideas and study together. Using his leadership skills, he was able to sustain the group from the second year until the final year. In March 2016, he became an ACCA registered student under the Accelerate program. Shortly after that in June 2016, He wrote his first paper F6 Taxation (UK variant). His first paper was a star performance, which gained him a national recognition as Best Performing Student in Ghana for Paper F6, June 2016 sitting. This was Alexander’s first taste of an ACCA award and this sparked his zeal to achieve more. While everyone is fighting to get the 50-mark pass, Alexander says,” I want to aim higher so that when I fall, I won’t fall below the 50 pass mark”.

During this year’s Student Summit and Job Fair, Alexander received another national award as the best performing student in Paper P2 Corporate Reporting (March 2017) sitting after scoring 77%. In the world ranking, he placed third and this was the first of its kind in Ghana. This enviable achievement was to the delight of present; his tutors, colleagues, family and ACCA Ghana. “Well, I was proud of my mark in the paper when the results were released but little did I know it was the 3rd best in the world”, he remarked after he received the award.

On UCC campus, Alexander did more than just the normal curricula activities. He was the treasurer of the Protestant and Pentecostal Chaplaincy Committee (PPCC) of the University and Vice President of the ACCA Campus Club-UCC. His contributions to the campus club helped the members to achieve a 77% pass rate in the March 2017 sitting. Consequently, the club won the best campus club award during this year’s Student Summit and Job Fair. He shared an inspiring story with his colleagues, where he pointed out the hands of God in his achievement. He was emphatic and strong about the fact that, it was not just by his strength and abilities but open doors.

He is currently undertaking his national service posting at the Department of Accounting, School of Business (UCC). There, he serves as a Teaching Assistant for Advance Financial Reporting. In this year’s September sitting, he wrote his final two papers, Paper P4 Advanced Financial Management and Paper P7 Advanced Auditing and Assurance. He passed with high marks in both papers and successfully became an Affiliate. He is set to make history again at next year’s Student Summit and he is keeping his fingers crossed for that. He spends his leisure time preparing other people for their ACCA papers not only in Ghana but also internationally through social media platforms.

“The difficult part of everything is the beginning. If you can start something today, that means you have the chance of completing it. Never be afraid to take the first step because if you do, one day you will certainly walk down that path. Why not start now?” – Alexander Dankyi Asare


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