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An interview with Fatoumata Julie Kebbeh, ACCA student and finance analyst

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Fatoumata Julie Kebbeh
ACCA student and finance analyst, Ghana


I am a 23-year-old graduate with a BSC in Accounting. I completed my first degree in June 2016 at Valley View University, Ghana. I am currently a full-time ACCA student and my core interest in life is to become a financial analyst or a chief financial officer.


ACCA challenges me to keep moving forward and prepare myself for what’s to come ahead in the future. ACCA helps me stay focused and motivated to work hard and smartly toward what I want to achieve.

With the ACCA Qualification, I know I can be whatever or whoever I want to be in the business sector.

Fatoumata's journey

I have always had an interest in the finance industry ever since I was in high school. I was introduced to the ACCA Qualification while I was in university by the treasurer of the university. He kept on motivating us and advising us on ways to start our career development and to eventually make it in the finance industry. One of the best ways to go was with ACCA.

With his help and that of ACCA GH, I registered successfully right after my completion of my first degree.

Upon registering with ACCA, I wasn’t able to start immediately due to a few reasons, but the worst of it was my lack of confidence from my phobia of failing. At the beginning of my journey, I didn’t have the right techniques and approaches on how to go about my studies. I registered for three papers at once thinking it was the same approach as university while also working at a bank. It took me about three months to realise that was a deadly approach to start with given the situation. It took me a whole year before writing my first paper and after writing the paper, I realised that my perception and mindset of the qualification was all messed up and completely opposite from what it actually was.

With research and self-determination, I am still climbing the ACCA Qualification ladder with a positive mind and attitude towards my studies and my ultimate goal.

I am currently a full-time ACCA student preparing to complete the skills level by March 2019 and the professional level by June 2020 God willing.

Benefits of the ACCA Qualification

One way I have benefitted from this qualification so far is its flexibility. Being a Gambian, I registered with ACCA in Ghana, I sat my first paper in Gambia and then came back to Ghana to continue my ACCA Qualification. I sat my second paper in Ghana and plan on completing my third and fourth and eventually all the others in Ghana. It’s assuring to know that with ACCA, you can sit for exams anywhere and at any time. They provide you choices as to when, how, and where you want to study and sit for exams.

Take your first step, applying is quick and easy.

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