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Exceeding expectations before my 20th birthday

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'I hope my student story inspires and encourages you to strive for success and discover the great opportunities available to you by studying ACCA'

Paul's story

I decided to study ACCA because I observed the respect and power assigned to the qualification and saw it as a vehicle through which I could obtain a solid and exciting career in Accountancy.

Coming out of high school, the difficulty was really the fear of falling into a culture of failure as is common in this part of the region for ACCA students. I was discouraged directly and indirectly by adults mainly who actually themselves were still struggling to complete the qualification, rendering it as being difficult and not recommended for me to take on as a challenge, or at least not before I did a Bachelors Degree.

That fear was eliminated through the consistent coaching and mentor ship I experienced under the direct guidance of Dr Glen Brown, President and CEO of Global Accountancy Institute Inc, who assured me that success was obtainable through hard work and I did just that, toiling through the night, sacrificing the typical fun of a young adult, to ensure I secured a tool that would assure me a brighter future, the ACCA way.

ACCA has given me confidence in a competitive working world, feeling a sense of distinction and edge above the average job seeker, especially as a young adult. I have no regrets spending the two years I did to study the qualification. The rewards keep getting better with experience, which I am confident will take me places, far beyond my expectations.

My career ambition is to become an Expert Audit Professional with an extensive reach into Legal and Regulatory matters. 

I also want to gain seasoned experience in the area of Risk Management and to combine all that to become an asset in Public Sector Practice as an Executive Level Finance and Planning Personnel, to give back positively to the country.

In five years, I see myself as an Experienced Audit Manager and a capable young Finance and Accountancy sector leader, giving sound contribution to the development of cutting edge policies and strategic development decisions which will affect the profession at the local and regional level. 

I also want to partake in the affairs of the IAASB within 5 years, if possible and in addition, to engage in the development of creative Fiscal and Debt Management Policies as well as aiding to implement active arms of government to put policies into action.

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