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Chandni Asher, ACCA Tanzania's No.2 Top Affiliate (June 2016)

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Accounting was a mandatory subject in my secondary level of education. In year two of my secondary education, I had decided to opt for a career in the field of accountancy.

In my final year of secondary education, I heard about ACCA. With the name and fame of the qualification, I decided to pursue my career in accountancy by the route of ACCA.

Things started changing, the methods of study and the level of commitment required in order to successfully clear the examinations were clearly visible. With the critics from those who were struggling to clear the examinations, I had shaped the mind that failures could be part of the journey.   

With a mix of excitement and determination, I registered for the foundations program (Foundations in Accountancy - FIA) offered by ACCA, which required clearing 9 examinations before transfer to the ACCA qualification.

After a successful first sitting, where I cleared 4 exams altogether, the self-confidence increased to continue with the journey. I then applied for an internship in a relevant role in order to gain an experience of the practical accounting world. On probation, I was employed at Tanna Sreekumar Grant Thornton (formerly known as Tanna Sreekumar & Co) under the assurance services department (External Audit department)

The application of theoretical knowledge in the practical field created more learning opportunities. I gradually completed the examinations covered under FIA and got a transfer to the ACCA qualification in 2014.

With a lot of excitement and a little of nervousness, the real journey of ACCA was all set to take off. At this stage, I had realized that failures could be part of the journey and those should only build you, not break you. At this stage, I was fully employed hence a balance of work responsibilities and education along with time management was vital in order to succeed in both areas. My employer and mentor told me success stories of certain individuals who accomplished their education degrees at a very young age and their speech reflected a trust within me to achieve the ACCA status. Their positive approach and continuous moral support motivated me to step out of comfort zone and invest more time in working harder.

I was writing, on average, 3 examinations per sitting. Exam sittings went on and on and for my professional papers, I took a gap year from work. I wrote the first 3 professional papers in December 2015 and the final two in June 2016. It was 18th of July 2016 when the results were to be published, and results day is the “I can’t keep calm “ day for every candidate. Gladly, my inbox showed the “Pass” and that marked the end of studying life and the beginning of a complete new journey with ACCA. Membership was a lot easier as I had cumulated the work experience required by ACCA by working along-side studying. Doing the PER’s was easier too because of reflecting work practical experience in writing. And on completion of the one year left for membership application, I did the required submissions for being a member and by the grace of god, I was granted admission as a member on 31 October 2017.

Between affiliation and membership, I was awarded No.2 Top Affiliate in Tanzania for the June 2016 exam session. This was a complete surprise to me, as it was something I never expected.

I extend my sincere gratitude to God, my parents, family, employer and mentor and close friends, who supported, guided, motivated and encouraged me throughout the journey to achieve a milestone at 21. I am grateful to all of you for standing beside me in each step of my career. Thank you for giving me the vision I only dreamt about.

Every student giving ACCA exams or willing to enroll should take note that ACCA may sound like some hot soup with failures being part of it, but the achievement of the title is the golden treasure for a career in accountancy.

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